The 9 Powers of Victory

1. 35 years is what it takes to be the most flexible and professional and reliable Chinese Product Supply managers… Its name is Victory! 

2. As a family company Victory emphasise “Instant communication” between each link in the development chain so that our clients always are in the picture with the ongoing development! 

3. Bridging eastern and western cultures and mentalities for 35 years have taught us to manage cultural and mental differences by “Instant action” to the benefit of our clients. We see it as our responsibility to support our clients to uncompromised solutions which isn’t stocked in time and money consuming misunderstandings! 

4. Victory has a long experience in handling regulations, laws and standards in China and international avoiding costly and time-consuming delays in delivery! 

5. Victory’s integrated engineering department have a long experience in design and product development which guarantees optimal technical solutions. With Victory you are definitely shorting your “time to market” ratio. 

6. Understanding design beyond added value Victory is the partner when it comes to difficult and complex products. We have over years build close relations in the international design scene and by merging Chinese and Taiwanese engineering we have created outstanding consumer product in stunning designs. 

7. With our factory audits and social compliance control Victory offers an unsurpassed insight to the process of manufacturing in China which can be handed on to our clients’ business partners with trust. 

8. Today Victory has a tight and widespread network of trusted manufactures from small family business to big industrial organization which will be able to deliver to the highest demands of our clients. This makes it possible for us to fulfil nearly any needs in a wide range of production and material areas. 

9. As a small family-based company the most important of our benefits is the high level of hands on service, flexibility and fast reaction to any kind of product inquiries. We don’t just do our job… we listen with curiosity; we think pragmatic and we act with passion.


Victory has been involved in the realisation of very complex products such as electronics for household but too in more sophisticated projects such as lighting controls which shows our ability to handle logistic and product development to success. Victory has the needed know how, logistic and partners to succeed in creating world class products.

Clients & Collaborations

Through 35 years Victory has been proud to support smaller and bigger international brands.