After-sale Service

In the past 35 years we at Victory have accumulated a pool of valuable experience. But experience is gains of the past and it is Victory’s sincere obligation to become better…yes, simply to become more professional in what we do. We therefore are depending on our client’s opinions on our service and our capabilities in engineering and logistics etc. Because we understand our involvement as a crucial part of our client’s value chain, we see it important to learn where and what we can do better or what we together in collaboration can do to reach out for new ambitious goals. Be in product quality, functionality, design, inspections, etc.; we can immediately take action and in collaboration with our production partners to find new and innovative ways to solve the problems or look for new innovative and more efficient ways to optimize our collaboration. Your feedback is for Victory not seen as a negative claim but as a must and a positive help to make us even more professional. So, please allow us to give you a call next time you have received a shipment to discuss what we can do better and how we can serve you in new and innovative ways.