Design development & Engineering

Your technical support

Victory Marketing Corporation’s engineering department has been established in order to become the technical link between our clients and our manufactures. With 20 years of experience this small department offer reliable and hands on services in construction, production and design development. When receiving an inquiry from our clients, whether based on drawings or samples, our engineers will instantly analyse the product and evaluate its complexity and decide for possible manufactures inside and outside the Victory network.

Getting it right from the beginning is at the centre of our considerations and knowing our network of manufactures for many years we understand what is possible and what is a challenge. We are due to our long experience with international brands aware of what is possible within a given price and quality ratio. Due to this experience we will alternate received drawings or samples and make entirely new construction and 3D drawings which will be send to our clients and manufactures for approval where upon Victory makes a final quotation.

Get it right

Hands on

Our engineers and product mangers follow the prototype development at the factory or the prototyping workshops closely. They will inspect the development in order to solve eventual functional or occurring production problems early on in the development so that the prototypes or pre-production samples can live up to our clients demands in terms of quality, price, timing, functionality and not least the original aesthetic values and intensions of its design. It is without saying that our product managers will keep our clients posted instantly on progress and development of his products. And it is without saying that we seriously test the products durability and functionality according to the standards provided before the samples are send off to our clients for comments or approval.

Due to our long experience and collaboration with international designers and brands Victory are happy to offer a design management service in which clients based on a detailed briefing can order an entire product development project from idea to finish product. Based on our network of international designers, Victory’s engineering department or engineering partners in Taiwan or China, rapid prototyping partners and testing laboratories Victory are a true partner when it comes to design development for wholesale-, retail and ecommerce clients. Please contact James Hsu directly with your enquiries.

An extraordinary and new service with international designers

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

Handing over drawings and other visual or written materials to Victory which may or may not contain IP rights yet, is in our house safe due to our contractual and ethic duties. Victory tries as far as possible to secure our clients IP rights when handing over drawings or samples to the factories but due to the specific Chinese attitude to copying and due to the differences in Chinese IP law we cannot guaranty 100% safety. Chinese IP laws have although in the past years been executed at a higher pace and with an unseen efficiency. We therefore recommend our clients and the designers we work with to register their designs internationally before any drawings is transferred to us. In case of violation of our client’s rights during and after the development process we at Victory will be happy to provide all the help we possibly can. We will as well be able to assist our clients with design and patent registrations in China only through our IP lawyers.

Victory perform an efficient, flexible hands on attitude to any of the products we develop with our clients. Our goal is to secure our clients a fast to market position with an unsurpassed price quality ratio and the highest level of safety.