Inline Inspection

Victory in general makes pre-shipment inspection for our clients. On an ongoing basis we control material and look over the general production as a part of our daily duties during a project. By very big quantities or very complex products it would although in many cases be useful to make inspections during the entire production.  As an added service Victory can offer Inline Inspections on two levels.

Inline inspection how

It can be an intervention when a certain percentage of the products are finished, or it can be a constant inspection where our quality controller is at the production line throughout the entire production. This makes it possible to discover and solve potential quality problems before the whole order is produced. If any quality problems are found, it is possible to work out the best solution to gain a demanded product quality while still meeting the shipment date.  During manufacture peak times our inline inspection can also be useful to check on the actual production status. In this way our clients achieve instant information and can increase the quality of their time to market planning.

For even more security to ensure the safety, material, function, etc. Victories inline inspection is also an appropriate time to withdraw product samples for Product Testing. Our inspection services are conducted according to international quality control standards. During inspection, product sample amounts is randomly selected according to the well-known international standards: MIL-STD-105E. ANSI/ASQC Z1.4.  ABC-STD-105. BS6001.  ISO 2859. DIN 40080. This intervention gives our clients definitely an advantage in being able to control and be hands on with their production…even being on the other side of the globe. But it stretch even further as it offers an opportunity to create that trust and that insight to a factory’s daily function and makes it possible to live up to the new demand for transparency in the value chain development and guarantee that social and ethical…yes even ecological compliancy needed in a serious business of today.

Instant product tests