Victory has during the past 15 years gained big experience in various metal productions as diverse as stainless steel cutlery to double walled thermo bottles and mugs. In the past 10 years commuter mugs and thermo bottles have developed into a major business due to our partner’s outstanding quality.

Both cast iron and cast aluminium cookware has become a major part of our business throughout our entire 35 years in business and we enjoy very long relationships to the best high tech manufactures in China. We dare to say even the best world-wide.

Due to our very big knowhow and the high capacity and efficiency of our suppliers Victory can offer not only unsurpassed engineering, knowhow and logistic but a very interesting quality price ratio which will make any new and innovative design competitive in the international market.


The quality of our partner’s flatware production is outstanding from material to the final polish and they produce all kind of stainless-steel flatware and accessories to your demands and design: Our factory has long experience in hollow handle cutlery, but as well traditional wood handles cutlery and kitchen accessories in various wood. Plastic and silicone handles belong to the factory’s high-quality program. A wide spectrum of surface treatments makes it possible to create new designs not seen in the market.

Stainless steel thermo bottles and mugs

Victory’s partner in double walled stainless steel thermo bottles, jugs and mugs is one of the best of its kind. High tech machines and innovative production methods make it possible to realize very complex products. We can use all kind of stainless steel combination 18/10, 18/0 and 18/8 are available and in thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Give us a call and we will inform you about all the opportunities you have to make outstanding and innovative designs Thermo Bottles in all sizes from 0.25 to 2.5L Thermo jugs from 0.5 L – 2.0L. Stainless Steel Cups & Mugs. Thermo Commuter mugs on demand. Thermo mugs & cups on demand. A wide spectrum of surface treatments on request.


Cookware has for a long time been a mass-market high-volume business brought to market by a few very big players. This picture is eventual changing, and it is now possible to combine low- and high-tech production and create outstanding quality which fits into specific markets and a brands visual identity. Victory shall be pleased to inform you more in detail on how you at a fair price are able to launch your private label cookware without ending in big logistic troubles. We could easily imagine that ecommerce partners, department stores and retailers could profit from our manufacture’s high quality and finally our logistic capabilities to create their own line. We should be very pleased to receive your briefings and your requirements. 

We represent factories producing cookware in Stainless Steel. Cast Iron. Cast aluminium. Copper – Stainless steel sandwich material. Induction Cookware. All in a wide spectrum of colours and surface treatments.

Enamelled kitchen and home ware

We would like to make you aware of enameled metal which in many ways has been ousted by new and efficient artificial surface materials. Reminding you about some of the most beautiful Scandinavian designs was made in this wonderful material combination it might be an inspiration for some new and innovative products in this material dating all the way back to the early beginning of our cultural beginnings. Porcelain enamel is essentially a highly durable glass which, with coloring oxides and other inorganic materials fused to metal at extremely high temperatures. It first found its way into the kitchen as a decorative finish for carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron as pots and pans. But it at the same time became a part of the decorative interior outside the kitchen regions in the early 60ies as bowls and plates. Due to a long tradition in the so-called Cloisonné craft china have good and interesting manufactures that can help giving this material a revival. Our manufacture produces an outstanding quality of Bowl. Jugs. Cookware. Storage jars. Dinnerware and Lunch boxes. Yours and your designer’s imagination only sets the limit. A wide spectrum of colours on request.