Pre-shipment Inspection

China is exporting over $ 300 billion in goods all over the world monthly. But at the same time, recalls for different Chinese-made goods are unfortunately a returning problem and a costly reality. To this comes that a part of this is due to violations of international standards and laws or simply due to poor quality. The following is what Victory does to prevent such deplorable state of business.

What we do

Victory’s pre-shipment inspection is based on what we have named Final Random Inspection and means that product samples are withdrawn randomly. According to international standard, we inspect on the quality, functionality, material and packaging method of products. It is performed when 100% of the products are finished with at least 80% of export cartons packed. During the inspection our trained inspectors will randomly select products according to AQL standards. (AQL= Acceptable Quality Level standard) With the reference of the conformity samples, we will make sure that the quality, colors, measurement, appearance, function, material, shipment quantity, packaging and all special requirements meet with international standards and our client’s specifications. 

After such an inspection a shipment can, be released or suspended until defectives are approved and replaced.

Loading Supervision is undertaken by counting total cartons according to packing list, opening randomly selected export cartons, counting and selecting products for a final check. Simultaneously Victory’s quality controllers also make inspection check on shipping marks and barcodes. Our report and documenting photos illustrate what is packed and if the quantity is the same as ordered. In the same breath we check container’s conditions, capacity, cleanliness, etc. When goods are shipped across the ocean, weather conditions may eventually affect the container directly, as well as the goods inside. With third party verification, you can easily verify if your goods are in the same condition as when the container was closed by comparing it to our loading report and photographic documentation. Quality classification: Our inspection services are conducted according to international quality control standards. During inspection, product sample size is randomly selected according to the known international standards: MIL-STD-105E. ANSI/ASQC Z1.4.  ABC-STD-105. BS6001.  ISO 2859. DIN 40080.

What we also do