Over the past years sampling for production has changed remarkably and Victory can offer various processes to help our clients to shorten the development and production time to a minimum:

Rapid Prototyping (RP)

Stereo lithography (SLA) or 3D printing (3DP) or traditional CNC milling based on our clients drawings or samples. The purpose is to provide our client with a preliminary impression of the ordered product for an aesthetic as well as a functionality review and to secure that the product is possible to produce – avoiding delay in the product development phase. RP is a preferred process for complex products with several sup-suppliers and several material components. Ex. Electronics.

This process is mostly realized at the same factories selected for production. The prototype is generated from the client’s or Victory’s detailed 2D or 3D Cad Cam drawings or samples. The purpose is to provide our clients with a true material feel and touch and with the basic qualities of the final produced product. A preferred process for technical uncomplicated designs and materials which have a traditional element of craftsmanship as ex ceramics, wood and some simple metalwork and metal castings. 

How we do it: 

1. After your inquiry and specifications has arrived by Victory; we revive these and make 2D or 3D product drawings + estimated product development time schedule.
2. These drawings are reviewed by the clients and our potential manufactures.
3. Eventual drawing alterations with copy to client and manufacture.
4. Victory examination, test and aesthetic evaluation with manufacture. If living up to the demanded standards the prototype is immediately send to client with a written report from Victory on our findings.
5. Client feedback with technical, aesthetic, functional and other comments.
6. Eventual alterations
7. Realization of pre-production samples
8. Pre-production sample and documentation send to client after Victory examination.
9. Quality, function, price, delivery confirmation signed between client and Victory.
10. Production start 

Our product managers and engineers will be on an ongoing basis inform client on progress.

Real material prototyping