The use of wood in China has century long heritage and is exemplified by outstanding craftsmanship and in today’s China high-tech industries. Chinese wood production and especially the furniture and cabinet industry’s make use of this heritage of handicraft and kept this long tradition alive by incorporating state-of-the-art machineries. 

Victory enjoys long relations with high quality furniture and household appliances manufactures in a wide spectrum of woods from Bamboo to solid Acacia and Chinese oak. Our partners around China are mid-size to big furniture manufactures able to offer our clients competitive prices both for imported wood and local wood. 

Extensive governmental protection of Chinese forests is consequently leading to limited production and high prices even in the home market. As well prices for imported wood are high and it could be anticipated that China would be an uninteresting country for furniture production. But still the wages of skilled craftsmen compensate for the high wood prices, and the past years investment in modern technology and machines has increased the quality far beyond expectations. 

Our factories are adopting responsible procurement policies, including refusal to purchase illegally sourced and imported timber, and a preference for local wood sourced from well-managed forests or plantations.

– Furniture

– Dining chairs / tables 

– Lounge chairs 

– Side boards 

– Beds 

– Cabinets 

– Shelving systems

Our offer comprises a wide spectrum of solid wood furniture and house ware manufactures producing fair to high quality products at very fair prices. 

We have partners specialised in surface treatments from high gloss lacquerer to any kind of laminates. In cases stainless steel or aluminium fittings and legs is a part of your design project Victory has a long experience with these materials and we are able to deliver anything from hand castings to high tech productions in both stainless steel and aluminium. In the past years several of our manufactures has started producing garden and patio furniture’s in both local and imported hard wood from sustainable plantations and at very competitive prices. We should be very pleased to realize your next outdoor furniture collection. 

– House ware 

 Cutting boards 

 Knife holders 

 Cutlery organizers 

 Salad Bowls and salad sets 

 Bread boxes Handles for knifes and cutleries etc. 

 Storage jars 

 Salt & pepper grinders 

 Serving trays Coasters 

 Kitchen gadgets

Bamboo, Acacia, Chinese white Oak is a big part of our house ware manufactures offers. Especially Bamboo and Acacia wood has proven to be extraordinary interesting for contemporary designs and for modern kitchens due to their outstanding physical properties and the ecological aspect. Both are very fast-growing grass- and wood-species and therefore renewable raw materials with an ecologic impact. 

Please note that we apart from Bamboo, Acacia and Oak are able to provide different types of woods which will fit into your specific designs and demands.